Andrei Arshavin on the draw in the Champions League:

I believe that we have selected an interesting group. In the opening we have to play with the “Borussia” in Dortmund. I saw their first match in the Bundesliga this season. In that game, they looked decent. Daring young guys. Allocated to their strong attack. “Arsenal” begins at a party. This is a plus or a minus? AA : What’s the difference, where and with whom to start. All will be played 6 matches, both in London and on the road .. next opponent “Marseille”. Honestly, had not seen this team matches. While I have nothing to say about it. Let’s see more of their game, study. still left “Olympiakos”. In my opinion, I was the third time in the “Arsenal” play with the Greek club. Greeks I would call the home team. Their fans will passionately support your club. In the “Zenith” you double hit the gate, “Marcel”. Going to the “Arsenal” had to score, “Olympiakos”. With “Borussia” has not had to play, but had to score goals in this city. AA . Yes, the Russian team scored the ball in Adler. What good if able to score again goalkeeper of these cities.